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Knee Update: 6 Weeks Post Stem Cell Injection + Crutches

Published on May 25, 2014 By JCornish

Hi Everyone. It is time to give my six week update. I have been looking forward to posting an update once I had something significant to put up. Quick recap, I am 6 weeks out post bone marrow aspirate + fat graft injection into my very decrepit knee which has grade 4 bipolar patella femoral […]

Stem Cell Update: Post Injection # 4

Published on April 6, 2014 By JCornish

  Last Friday was episode 4 of my stem cell injections. It was full of blood, sweat, and needles. Who doesn’t like those? This time around, I got a large concentration of bone marrow and fat stem cells (FYI-you get free liposuction with these procedures…..). My right knee was pumped full of these two different […]

Stem Cell Update: Week 63…MRI Results After a Year

Published on December 22, 2013 By JCornish

Merry December everybody, I recently underwent an MRI scan of my knee to see how my stem cell injections have changed my cartilage lesions over 14 months (remember, this is a long term therapy). The results are in and ARE NOT WHAT I HAD HOPED FOR. However, they are what I expected. See the pictures […]

Stem Cell Update: Week 49

Published on September 17, 2013 By JCornish

September 2013 is here! It has almost been a year since I started this stem cell therapy journey. Below are my updated thoughts on how cell therapy has helped various injuries I am trying to overcome. For every body part treated, I rated the therapies effectiveness on a 1-5 star system (based on how well […]

Stem Cell Update: Week 39 The Test

Published on July 7, 2013 By JCornish

This week marked the 39th week after my first stem cell injection from the Crane Clinic in Columbia, MO (which is now called Blue Tail Medical Group….FYI). Time continues to pass by and in my case I hope my joints are getting better as time goes on. Therefore, I decided to put my knee to […]